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Korean - American Foundation - Greater Washington
{ Past 100 years ( 1903~2003), Future 100 years ( 2003~2103 ) }

for the 111th Anniversary of Korean-American Immigration& 9th Korean-American Day

Next year marks the 111th anniversary since the first Korean immigration to the United States in 1903.
In 2005, the Congress designated January 13th as the Korean-American Day to commemorate and celebrate Korean-American immigration to the US.

Korean-American Foundation-Greater Washington is hosting an event to celebrate 9th Anniversary of Korean-American day at NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) with the Korean-American community as well as national and local leaders.The event takes place Sunday, January 12 at 5pm.

Korean-American Foundation-Greater Washington Mission is to carry out projects such as collecting and organizing Korean-American Immigrant History, promoting of exercise of voting rights, and raising up next generation of leaders. We are prayerfully preparing for the next 100 years for the Korean-American community, seeking what missions and projects to carry out presently in preparation for the future.
One of the core long-term projects the executive board envisions is the New Community Movement of America (Sae-Maul Movement). Our vision is to introduce the Movement into communities that pass down poverty from generation to generation. On January 12, 2014, we will be launching this project.The Korean-Americans will take the lead in this project, to make America even better place to be, making poverty-stricken towns to disappear, and sharing wealth further to the corners of our society.
We cordially invite you to this historic event on January 12 2014.Please kindly RSVP by December 30, 2013. If you send us your message to the Foundation and a photo along with your RSVP, we will include it in the booklet we will be publishing in the New Year.

Dec. 5th, 2013

------------------------------ --
Sohee Ko
VP & Chairwoman for 2014 Korean American Day Celebration.
Kim Mi Schill
VP & Chairwoman for the New Community Movement of America.
For further info : call 1-443-326-6888 or e-mail. koreanbenhur2@gmail.com
http://www.kafgw.org/ , Mail to : KAF-GW P.O. Box 23409 WB, MD 21203-5409
VA address : 4030 Autumn Court Fairfax, VA 22030
MD address : 7506 Terrain Court Hanover, MD 21076
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